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“Culture is all about your behaviours, it’s what we do! Great leaders don’t allow their culture to happen by chance. Instead, they actively design it by collectively committing to operating ‘above the line’ in a positive, professional and proactive way."

Hi everyone,

Looking back over the past 25 years, it's been remarkable working with leaders who have recognised the importance of prioritising their organisational cultures. They are committed to taking proactive steps to shape the culture they desire, so that they remain robust, viable and relevant.

As we all know, if you leave your culture to chance, unfortunately the dysfunctional behaviours and negatives forces will dominate.

Tragically, great people will then leave. Even worse, your good people go toxic!


Which got me thinking…

Do people really grasp the pervasive and powerful influence that workplace cultures exert across their organisations?

I was reminded about this with an insightful parable (attributed to the writer David Foster Wallace) which goes like this:

  • Two young fish are swimming along in the water, and an older fish passes by. The older fish nods at the two younger fish and says, "Morning, how's the water?
  • The two young fish continue to swim for a little while longer, and then one of them turns to the other and asks, "What's water?"


Your Culture Is All Around You

Like the fish in water, workplace culture is all around us. It permeates and impacts everything that we do. It’s the unwritten norms and ground rules of what’s expected, and what’s accepted.

Creating positive workplace cultures is not a passive endeavour. It demands a conscious effort ‘by design’ from leaders, and a real commitment from all staff.

As leaders, we have an extra responsibility to steer this cultural ship deliberately – (am I mixing metaphors here?), ensuring that our culture and behaviours align with our values.

When your workplace culture is designed well, it shapes our behaviours, influences our decisions, and ultimately determines the success of our organisation. Then we not only retain our great talent, but we also create an environment where everyone can flourish.

So, take charge and craft a culture that enables, motivates, nurtures and leads you all towards the culture that you desire, by design.


Creating a Positive Culture workshop series

‘Face-to-Face’ workshops post-pandemic still feel like such a treat. That's why I'm thrilled to be on the road next month across Australia, delivering one of my favourite sessions on Creating A Positive Culture.

Click here for more info about our popular Creating A Positive Culture workshop.


Have a great week.




Richard Dore
CEO - Lead Educator

Proteus Leadership


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What Our Facilitators Have Been Doing

Richard Dore travelled to SA to facilitate the Moving from Operational To Strategic, In-house Program with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport team.



Sarah Savvas, NSW Regional Leader, had the privilege of conducting our 'Creating A Positive Culture' and 'Understanding & Managing Behaviour' workshops for the University of Western Sydney. What a fantastic group! We received such positive feedback.



Regional Leader, Lisa Cutler delivered the In-house program – Frontline Leadership Series this week to a great group of AMA Group leaders. Lisa in the picture with Tamar Rabbi - Senior People Partner.


Brett Hopkins, Regional Leader SA, delivered the Leading with Engagement, Action, and Purpose program for the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN). It was a fantastic event with an excellent group of participants.


In-house programs

If you'd like to conduct an In-house program either virtually or face-to-face at your workplace, please contact us on 1300 219 903 or click the button below.


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Feature Program
Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness
Virtual Workshop

Next program: 5 October


This program will help busy leaders and teams to focus on their priorities and establish strategies to bring about sustainable behavioural change and transformational positive habits.

This is not just another time management program. This workshop helps participants to change the way they think, lead themselves and lead others.

This session will also equip participants with insights, tools and templates to move themselves and their teams from busyness to effectiveness.

Topics Include:

  • Quit Busyness and Get Focussed
  • Manage Your Energy – Not Your Time
  • Energy Effectiveness is Your X-Factor
  • The Critical Three – KRAs, Frogs and Your ABCs
  • Transforming Distractions and Digital Addictions
  • Creating Keystone Habits
  • The Proteus E–Factor

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