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Get A Life!

Hi everyone,

Someone said to me recently while looking at how seemingly busy I am running a national and international company, “you don’t really have a life, do you?”

My response was immediate and direct. Yes, I have an amazing life – I just don’t have yours!

You see, what we fill our lives with is completely up to us. It would be so dull if we all lived the same life and didn’t express our individuality and talents or chase our own dreams.

So, I got to thinking about how incredibly fortunate I was.

Four amazing children, nine incredible grandchildren and the best partner ever. I get to run a company that inspires and equips people every day to be better and different. I get to travel etc. etc. I would call that an amazing life.

So, we need to stop, often, and just take stock of how incredibly fortunate we are in life. Sure, we all have battles and hard times, but there is usually a way through.

Happiness is a responsibility – not a right! Only we can make it happen for us.

We also need to be careful not to view someone else’ life through our lens, because we don’t see deep enough into their situation to fully understand how they feel.

So, to that person, thank you for making me stop and review who I am and how my life works, because what I found was just how much I love what I do and the relationships that I have within my life.

Have a great week.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


Proteus Leadership Supports World Pride In Sydney

Proteus Leadership welcomes travellers from right across Australia and the globe to Sydney in 2023 to celebrate World Pride. We will always support diversity, and equality.


Welcome Lydia Minenko

We are so excited to have Lydia Minenko join the Proteus team in Adelaide. She commenced on Monday 20th February 2023. Lydia will take on the role of Client Services & Database Coordinator for South Australia. Welcome Lydia.


An Invitation To Breakfast With Richard Dore

Registrations are now being taken for the first Proteus Leadership Breakfast scheduled in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane in March 2023. Tables fill quickly for these events, so register your places now. Richard Dore will be speaking on the topic – The Leadership Paradox.

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Korrine Jones - Having Conversations That Matter

Korrine Jones facilitated the ‘Having Conversations That Matter’ program last week at Department of Energy and Public Works. A great program with a great group of people. Well done, Korrine.

If you would like to find out more about this powerful workshop, click on the button below for more information and future dates.

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Benefits Of Virtual Training With Proteus

  1. Interactive workbooks which allow participants to immerse themselves into a truly engaging experience.
  2. Virtual break out rooms are used to allow participants to work in smaller groups to complete activities and discuss workshop ideas.
  3. World-class facilitators who are dedicated to helping people change their behaviour and actions.
  4. Inspirational and practical content that can be used immediately.

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Feature Program
Making Decisions That Matter
Virtual Workshop


Time is running out to register in this this powerful workshop.
Next program 16 March - REGISTER NOW!

Poor leaders are indecisive leaders. Great leaders make decisions and then back themselves, their people and the outcomes. They continually make insightful judgement calls to act, with the right intent and for the greater good.

Simply put, great leaders make great decisions.

However, making continual strategic and tactical decisions can be daunting as they come with risks and can be fraught with self-doubt that can lead to procrastination.

This workshop will decode leadership decisiveness and help you to use both creative and critical decision-making tools and templates. Here you will gain the confidence to make innovative decisions that matter and result in success.

  • Why decisiveness is critical to leadership credibility
  • How to utilise the creative and the critical thinking stages
  • Establishing your leadership intuitiveness for critical decisions
  • Building in risk and failure as a part of success
  • Learning how to stay in the question
  • Maximising decisions using De Bono’s ‘Six Hats’ model


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