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How Much Do We Care?

Everyone I speak to asks the same question – “What’s going on?”

COVID, Ukraine, Floods – it is like living in a very bad Sci-Fi movie hoping that it will end soon but watching another chapter of the story unfold.

I could do what a lot of others are doing right now and give you a positive, inspirational message, but I would rather we stopped and reflected on how people’s lives are being shattered right now and just how fortunate we are, if we have not been physically affected.

Imagine being a resident of Ukraine right now. Having buildings, cities and lives being totally destroyed around you, because of one man’s ego. I can’t imagine how they are feeling and coping, but my heart and support goes out to them.

To those people affected by the floods, again we are thinking of you. Two of our own Proteus team had major flooding to their homes, and our office in Brisbane was flooded also. I am currently living in QLD and have seen first-hand how people have been impacted.

I guess my message this week is – do we care enough to help and support.

Now, I don’t intend to prescribe or recommend actions, that is totally up to each person and what they feel they can do. But these things are happening around us now – they are not going away and each of us has a responsibility to care and act in whatever way we can rather than get caught up in the blame game and useless destructive political banter.

Some of our own team and families joined the ‘mud-army’ last week. Well done. It’s not what you do but that you cared enough to do it.

Let’s lift our thoughts and our actions above the problem and actually care. When we care, we immediately want to help. So, whatever you can do this week, please do it, no matter how small it might seem, because lots of people need us right now.

Have a great week.

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


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