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I Am Enough!

Hi everyone,

Have you ever wondered what life ahead holds for you? Have you gone back and forward and started new things and then got bored and started something else and then thought where did that time go and what did I really achieve?

Now I know people tell us that if we can combine what we love with what we do then life will be great. That is probably true, but not always possible. But we do need to have a sense of direction and aim for something otherwise we will become incredibly frustrated and disappointed with what we achieve or don’t achieve in life.

So, let’s start at the beginning by listing to the things that we are grateful for in our lives.

Now, right in front of you is a list of things that have happened because of you. You see, it’s not that you have failed in life or haven’t really achieved, it is because we have not learned to firstly appreciate what we have, what we have done and who we are.

It is recognising that who we are is enough.

Sure, we want to learn and improve and grow, but that must be on a foundation of acceptance of who we are now and not based on disappointment or criticism of who we and others perceive us to be.

When disappointment is our foundation, then we will only build more of the same! But if acceptance is our image, then that too will grow.

Take time out to know and accept yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

Have a great week – you deserve it.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


St Kilda Mums Donation

Leanne Keillor – Community Projects Coordinator, works with the VIC team to sort out 80 new winter jackets being donated this week to the St Kilda Mums. Hopefully 80 people will be just a little warmer this winter.


The Proteus Complete Leader Certificate Program

Brett Hutchinson kicks off the 12 month – The Complete Leader Certificate Program with the team at Agilent Consulting SA this week.

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Coaching With Confidence Workshop

Lisa Cutler conducting our Virtual Coaching With Confidence program this week. Such great skills for leaders to have.

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Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive.

Culture is all about your behaviours, it is what to do. So great leaders and workplaces don’t allow their culture to happen by default, they design it together by agreeing to operate above the line in a positive, professional and proactive way.

This allows for a psychological safe space to innovate, stay relevant, to fight clean to develop resilience, gratitude and a growth mindset, while giving staff permission to call people out on any toxic behaviours.

This results in a self-regulating culture where people celebrate achievements while creating great relationships, products and services.

  • Creating, leading and modelling great cultures
  • Staying positive and understanding the importance of recognition
  • Moving from entitlement to responsibility
  • Dealing with miserable people and ‘fighting clean’
  • Leading a robust, no-whinge and solution-focused culture
  • Helping your positive people to shine


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