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Is It Unprofessional To Scream?

Hi everyone,

Today I struggled with whether I write an article called ‘The world has gone to poo’, or I write a bouncy happy quote-worthy encouraging piece with the goal of lifting everyone up and being exceptional.

Well guess what, I decided just to be honest and say, “this week I just wanted to scream”.

A combination of flights diverted to other states, or just cancelled altogether, sickness running rampant across client sites, not being able to get to anyone because of COVID scares, the news telling us to prepare for even worse. The cruise I was to leave on this Friday now riddled with COVID cases and yet they are still sailing and not giving any refunds to those of us who think that it is not a good idea to get on board, (how can they legally still sail?) etc. etc.

I am sure that if I opened it up you would all have your own ‘scream worthy’ stories.

Now, it is at this stage that everyone is expecting me to say that we need to be strong and resilient and be positive, well that may be the case, but not until I have had a massive purge and got it out of my system, then my years of learning and teaching may kick in, but not yet, allow me to purge, because in fact it is healthy to do so for a short time.

Jump up and down, have a scream, go for a long run, or do whatever you have to, because you need to get it out of your system somehow. Only then can you begin to put it into perspective, realising in the scheme of things our issues are minimal.

If you just cover it up with inspirational fairy floss, then it will not be dealt with and will continue to grow like mould.

I promise next week I will again write something inspirational, but this week I just had to scream and be honest and get it out of my system, and it feels good.

So, no it is not unprofessional to have a scream sometimes, it is in fact liberating.

Give it a go!

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


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