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Leadership Is About Communication – Stop Grunting At Me!

Hi everyone,

If you can’t even communicate effectively with the people that you work with then please do not call yourself a leader. A leader is someone that people respect and want to follow. I don’t care how smart or how educated or how experienced you are, if you can’t communicate with the people you work with, then you are a leader by title only!

Don’t sit in the corner and grunt when approached or be dismissive by giving a short response that does not initiate proper interaction – because I simply will not follow you!

How many times have you experienced this? And yet those same people see themselves as gurus in leadership. Sorry – they are not!!

One of the greatest displays of true leadership is a leader’s ability to communicate and treat others with dignity and respect. Not to treat them like a five-year-old, but as a person that they want to help develop and see become successful.

If this is happening in your workplace, then knock it on the head as soon as possible because it will destroy your culture faster than anything else.

We all deserve respect, but we must also show it.

My challenge this week is to review how you and others are communicating with colleagues in the workplace and change the approach if needed. It will make a massive difference to your work culture of we start to interact like adults.

It’s not rocket science; people respond to positive communication and will give back accordingly.

Have a great week.

Des Penny

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LGBTI+ Community – National Pride Month

Along with other corporations right across the world Proteus Leadership celebrates diversity and acceptance and works with the LGBTI+ community to gain total equality and acceptance.


Supporting The Doncare Food Pantry

Leanne Keillor – Community Projects Coordinator at Proteus Leadership, delivers a massive food delivery from the Proteus team this week to support the Doncare Food Pantry, supporting those in need.


Mildura Program – Lisa Cutler

Lisa Cutler ventured to Mildura this week to run 3 days of training with Lower Murray Water, but with flight delays, she nearly didn’t make it.


Training At The Savoy With AMA

Grant Davis and Richard Dore worked with the AMA Management team this week at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne. A fantastic program with a fantastic group of leaders.

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Regional, Rural And Remote Learning
Increases At Proteus

Due our range of Virtual Programs conducted on ZOOM, we have seen a dramatic increase in participants from right across Australia including regional, rural and remote areas. It has been a privilege to have them in our programs and to see their joy in being able to participate in programs that have not necessarily been available in the past.

Proteus has always been committed to education in these areas and we are thrilled that we can now reach even more leaders across this amazing country. Check out our range of Virtual programs.



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With the ability to design your own timetable over a twelve-eighteen month period, the flexibility of the program is exactly what contemporary global leaders have been asking for.

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