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Leading The Way In 2020

Sorry to keep going on about it but it is what I do and what I stand for and so I must keep the message out there – Our organisations will only ever be as good as the level of Leadership we have now and are developing for the future.

Exceptional Leadership should not just be a dream or a distant hope, it should be our point of difference, our reality and our number one priority. Because until we have it, then we cannot be the best we could be, in delivering the products and services that reflect both our purpose and success.

The great thing is that if we do dedicate time and resources to the development of our leadership teams, then that constant feeling of being overwhelmed, run off our feet and reactionary will begin to dissipate as the workload and decision-making is shared.

There are so many things in our roles that we just can’t make happen, but developing our leaders is not one of them.

Sometimes it may seem inconvenient, or just another thing we have to do, but anything that is good and beneficial will in its early stages cause some level of discomfort. As the discomfort eases, then the benefits shine through.

The issue is taking the time to commit to the process and to sell the benefits to all stakeholders.

So, my challenge to everyone who is reading this newsletter is to take 10 minutes out, right now to identify those current leaders on your team and/or those you would like to develop and consider what you could do to make this happen.

Remember; the benefits are not just for them, but for you, the team and the organisation as a whole.

Proteus has now launched all of our 2020 programs and schedules and up until 13th December 2019 we are offering a selection of these 2020 programs at our ‘Care Package’ rates. Programs commence as early as February and March 2020.

Please visit our website to take advantage of these offers. Also feel free to contact our team on 1300 219 903 to discuss your personal or your organisations development plans and ensure that your point of difference in 2020 is Leadership.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


The Leader As Coach Program Has Launched

The Leader As Coach
The Leader As Coach

Approximately 60 delegates from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland have just completed our first round of The Leader As Coach program, across Australia and they were a great success. Armed with a new understanding of coaching and a plethora of templates and ideas, they have now returned to their workplaces to celebrate the great things about their teams and strategies to help their teams move from Good to Exceptional.

Check our website for the next round of programs and don’t forget to take advantage of our ‘Pre-Christmas Care Package’ prices valid until 13th December 2019.

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New Positive Culture Day Program in 2020

Positive Culture Day

Literally thousands of people have attended our current Positive Culture Day Workshop every year for the past 10 years. In 2020 the program will continue with new information, ideas and strategies and a new format.

Take a look below at what people think of the program and check out our dates and register for next year’s programs.

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What People Are Saying About Proteus Positive Culture Day Workshop

”Excellent interactive sessions with relevant information; encouraging an effective and enjoyable workplace. The course was extremely well presented, by a knowledgeable presenter."

- Wade Irvine - Hobart International Airport


”Energising, uplifting, thought-provoking and some real 'ah-ha' moments!"

- Fiona Allen - Air Tickets

2019 Client Care Packages

Pre-Christmas Care Packages

At Proteus we believe, it is great leadership that will be your point of difference and great leadership has the potential to turn your business around.
So, continue to help your leaders move from GOOD to EXCEPTIONAL and don’t let the expectations of others, or negative talk, limit the opportunities you provide for your team.
To assist in this area, Proteus is now offering a large range of our products and services at pre-Christmas prices. These prices will remain in place until 13th December 2019 only.

So, take advantage of our Christmas gift to you and keep the professional development momentum going in your organisation, ensuring that you hit the ground running in 2020.

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Feature Program
2-Day Emerging Leaders Program

Giving Supervisors And Team Leaders A Launchpad To Success

Today like never before, organisations need supervisors and team leaders who are highly effective and produce results through people.

Technical skills and experience on the job were often sufficient in the past, but having the knowledge and skills to manage yourself and others is also essential in today’s business environment.

Many of the mistakes that supervisors make are simply because they have not been shown the right way at the beginning and therefore they develop bad habits. So why not get the ideas and processes right from the start?

Emerging leaders need to understand what they are aiming for, but more importantly they need to be equipped with the right skills and tools to achieve their objectives.

Over two-days an expert Proteus facilitator will deliver 4 x 3 hour sessions exploring a range of topics, all focused on giving future leaders a launchpad to success.

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