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Let’s Go – It’s Time To Grow!

Hi everyone,

The past three years have really been about survival and maintaining the status Quo. It has been about adapting to new practices and behaviours.

But now it is time to grow again.

As I said last week, experts are telling us that 2023 will again be a tough year, but in my mind, this simply creates an opportunity to be better and different than those around us.

Growth doesn’t always mean just size. It can also mean, personal development, mindset, culture, attitude, interaction etc.

So, I am confessing to you that Proteus is in the mood for growth.

In our thirtieth year, 2023, we will be relaunching in Sydney, we will be introducing a range of new programs conducted in a completely different way. We will be recruiting new team members, we will open studios across Australia as required, we will increase our international presence, but most of all we will be working on regrowing and stimulating our mindsets to help us achieve our goals. How exciting!

I am concerned that many people have adapted a new way of working where their new life patterns actually rob them of their entrepreneurial spirit and stifle personal and professional growth. That makes me incredibly sad because what we need right now is the exact opposite.

Don’t let justification be your new way of operating. We are leaders, let’s lead and let’s grow, because if we don’t, the world will simply pass us by and we will become irrelevant, no matter how skilled and qualified we are.

I can’t wait to see what I will achieve this year and I hope you are experiencing that same mindset.

Have a wonderful week.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


Gallagher Bassett Graduation Day

Jodie Birleson from Gallagher Bassett wrapping up the graduation ceremony at Rydges Hotel after their amazing project presentations to Gallagher Bassett Australia and some global representatives. Proteus Co-CEO – Richard Dore was in attendance to congratulate all of the delegates. Well done to Jodie and the team.


Korrine Jones - Creating A Positive Culture

Regional Leader Korrine Jones had the great privilege of speaking to approximately 200 of the team from A. B. Patterson College in the Gold Coast last week on Creating A Positive Culture. What a great session!


2023 Marketing Retreat

Last week the Marketing & Development Team spent two days in Melbourne, to develop our strategy for the next 12 months. It was great to catch-up with the Melbourne team.

Cakes for morning tea and drinks on the Yarra River seemed very appropriate.

Thanks to everyone involved.


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Leaders will learn how to establish a Growth Mindset across their team, along with using the ‘GROW’ model for high scaffolding performance outcomes and setting up future successors.

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