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Let’s Laugh – It Is Great For The Soul!

Lately, life has been very much like the movie ground-hog day, to the extent that sometimes I don’t even know what day it is, as weekdays roll into weekends, but that could also be associated with age.

So, over the weekend I decided that I would relax and watch as much comedy as I could, because I needed a laugh. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

There is absolutely nothing like a good old belly-laugh to make you feel better, even during COVID-19.

Now I know that the science is right behind this and that behavioural scientists have been saying this for years, but the fact is that we just don’t laugh enough.

It is amazing how things just seem to lift when we are laughing.

In my programs I often say that miserable people need a good old positive enema, which in itself makes me laugh, but I think we all do at times, especially now.

The power of laughter is immense and if we just replaced our worry and chaos with a little bit of laughter each day, then we would see an amazing change in our attitudes and behaviours.

So, my challenge to everyone this week is to find something or someone that you know will make you laugh and slot them into your weekly plan – you will be amazed how much better you feel.

I know that sometimes we just don’t don’t feel like laughing or being happy – well, that’s the best time to seek it out.

So, this is my gift to you this week – a good old positive enema. (just don’t think about that too much).

Happy laughing!


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


A BIG Shout Out To The Tourism Industry

If anybody has done it tough during COVID-19 it is all of those people associated with the Tourism industry, in fact I don’t know how they have even hung on. Well our thoughts are with you right now and I know there is a whole nation waiting to travel and support our local tourist places.

So, book your next holiday in your state and support our local tourism.

The Secret To Giving Great Feedback TED Talk

Richard Dore shared this great TED talk video with our team this week on the secret of giving feedback. I hope you enjoy it also.

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Plan For 2021 Now!

With many of our programs ‘sold out’ during the second half of 2020, we are expecting individuals and organisations to really hit the ground running in 2021. As we slowly move out of the current COVID-19 numbers and return to some form of ‘normal’, then we will need professional development more than ever.

If you are looking at your 2021 Professional Development strategy, then contact us on 1300 219 903 or visit our website to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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Proteus Offices Re-Open In Adelaide And Brisbane

On 12th October 2020 the offices of Proteus Leadership in Adelaide and Brisbane will re-open and our teams will be in attendance. Our Melbourne office will follow as soon as we are able. (probably 2021).

But all of our team are on board right now, so contact us on 1300 219 903.

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