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Let’s Pivot – AGAIN!!

Hi everyone, welcome to 2022. I hope you had a great time with family and friends and are well rested.

After a very challenging year I think that most people believed that if they just made it to Christmas and had a break then all would be well. I am sure for some that was the case, but for many, the explosion of Omicron has made us rethink some of our plans as we realise that this is far from over and we are in for another period of pivoting and adapting, albeit differently.

Personally, my Christmas break was met with 9 of my family contracting COVID, 5 of them grandchildren and 4 adults, including myself. All I can say is that it is no fun and would really encourage you all to have your booster shot if you are eligible, because it makes a difference. Don’t put it off!

If you head into any of our capital cities at the moment you will see signs everywhere on café and restaurant doors saying, “we will be back in February.” They have literally written off January and in turn the cities have become ghost towns. One café owner implored one of our team to tell everyone to come and buy their lunch at his café otherwise things were not going to end well.

We didn’t think that this is how it would be, but then that has been the story for over two years. Even though we might have been tossed around, we are still here, learning lessons and growing stronger and we will continue to do that during this phase as well. The important thing is that we don’t just sit and hope, waiting for it all to go away. We need to be very clear about what we can control and what we can’t and work even harder on the things we can.

One of the most important things to consider is what comes out of our mouth and how we speak about the now and the future, because that can have a massive bearing on what actually happens.

So, what are you saying right now?

Here’s my declaration for 2022: I will recover completely from this COVID situation, my business will thrive this year and so will my team. My family will have a wonderful year of celebration, I will learn amazing new things. I will experience even greater happiness and I will again assist thousands of leaders to be better.

Now all that is to be done is to make it happen. The Proteus team look forward to working with you all again throughout 2022.

Have a great week,

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


Leading People & Culture And Emerging Leaders Programs - New Dates

Both of our first programs have SOLD OUT so, we have scheduled second programs on the same dates – so you can continue to register your team members.

8, 15 & 22 February, 1 March
Emerging Leaders (4 x half day sessions)

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10, 17 & 24 February, 3 March
Leading People & Culture (4 x half day sessions)

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Community Projects

In 2022 we had the absolute privilege of working with several charities across Australia to assist in their efforts. Leanne Keillor headed up these projects where we donated vouchers, backpacks, suitcases, sleeping bags etc.

Our attention focused mainly on Family Violence, the Homeless and Children.

We are looking forward to continuing our community work in 2022.


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Feature Program
Four Amazing Workshops
To Start Your Year

23 February
Creating A Positive Culture

Virtual Workshop

Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive...READ MORE

Topics Include:

  • Creating, Leading And Modelling Great Cultures
  • Staying Positive And Understanding The Importance Of Recognition
  • Moving From Entitlement To Responsibility
  • Dealing With Miserable People And ‘Fighting Clean’
  • Leading A Robust, No-Whinge And Solution-Focused Culture
  • Helping Your Positive People To Shine


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10 March
Having Conversations That Matter

Virtual Workshop

Some of the toughest roles for modern day leaders is dealing with the ‘difficult people’ situations at work and navigating challenging conversations with their peers and bosses...READ MORE

Topics Include:

  • Having Conversations That Matter Early
  • Why We Need To Be Proactive With Conflict
  • Planning And Delivering Tough Conversation With Results
  • Using The Proteus 5-Step Roadmap To Navigate Challenging Conversations
  • How To Manage Staff Poor Performance And Behaviours
  • Preparing For Your Conversations Across And Up With Diplomacy
  • Communicating The Good News
  • Transforming Relationships Within The Workplace


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22 March
Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness

Virtual Workshop

This program will help busy leaders and teams to focus on their priorities and establish strategies to bring about sustainable behavioural change and transformational positive habits...READ MORE

Topics Include:

  • Quit Busyness And Get Focussed
  • Manage Your Energy – Not Your Time
  • Energy Effectiveness Is Your X-Factor
  • The Critical Three – KRAs, Frogs And Your ABCs
  • Transforming Distractions And Digital Addictions
  • Creating Keystone Habits
  • The Proteus E–Factor


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31 March
Understanding And managing Behaviour

Virtual Workshop

This half-day interactive virtual workshop will give you answers to why people behave the way they do and will equip you with strategies to initiate better communication and better relationships. During the virtual workshop we will look at Behavioural Styles and how they can be used...READ MORE

Topics Include:

  • Introduction To Behaviour And Patterns
  • Steps To Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Using The Behaviour Factor Model
  • Developing Adaptability Strategies
  • Understanding Pressure And Stress
  • Building Better Teams And Stronger Workplace Relationships
  • Behavioural Recruitment And Selection
  • Managing Poor Behaviour And Supporting Good Behaviour
  • Conducting Behavioural Meetings
  • Building Better Personal Relationships


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