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Make 2020 A Year To Remember - For The Right Reasons

I would like to welcome all of our wonderful clients back. I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

It is however, with a very heavy heart that we start the New Year, and at this time we remember and thank the wonderful volunteers who have, and still are, fighting these awful fires. We also remember those who have been affected personally, it has been difficult not to shed a few tears for them during these events.

I know how devastating a situation like this can be, having personally fought the Ash Wednesday fires to save our house and then having a family member lose everything, including close friends, in the Marysville fires.

I guess it makes us all take stock of where we are and what we have, hopefully helping us to realise that it is not a time to look for blame or to attack individuals, but to show real leadership and do, be and say, something uplifting and supportive at this time. Something that helps the situation, not hinders it.

I believe in GREAT leadership, wherever it might have the chance to operate. But remember, GREAT leadership is something that is learned and then practiced daily.

So, wherever you are and whatever your situation, let’s make sure that our actions and words are uplifting and helpful, rather than opportunistic and divisive – because this is how GREAT leaders act and respond in both the good times and the bad.

2019 was a year to forget for many people and 2020 is definitely going to have its challenges, so we must be prepared and ready, not leaving our lives to fate.

It is GREAT leadership that will turn situations around, so let’s ensure that we spend time this year developing both our own leadership skills and the skills of our teams, while taking the time to also be KIND to each other.

Have an amazing 2020.


Des Penny - Executive Director
Proteus Leadership


Grant Davis – Regional Leader At Proteus, Fights The Bushfires

We would like to congratulate and thank our colleague Grant Davis for spending much of his Christmas break fighting the bushfires. Grant has been a member of the CFS in South Australia for 15 years and is currently a Lieutenant. Along with his colleagues he does an awesome job in helping to protect the community from fire.

Grant has been actively involved with the fires in Cuddlee Creek and Kangaroo Island in SA.

Thank you to Grant and to everyone else who has, and still is, fighting these terrible fires.

Our hearts also go out to all of those people who have been affected in any way by the fires.

Stay Safe everyone!

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Co-CEO, Des Penny, Cooks Up A Storm For Christmas

Proteus Christmas

This year the team at Proteus Melbourne decided to keep things simple and personal. So, Co-CEO Des Penny cooked the team a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, followed by ‘swap your present’ under the Christmas tree. It was a fun day.

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