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Make Time To Take Time

I know I have spoken on this topic before but coming out of COVID-19 and understanding what we want to do personally and professionally, requires us to STOP and take time to revisit, reinvent, or revitalize our vision. Things just seem to have become messy and unclear in many areas of our lives and we need to again see our life through a clear lens.

I often ask people in my programs – “where they do their best thinking?”

The answers usually vary from, in the car, on the toilet, when I am walking etc. Then I ask them what they think about and without exception they tell me about problems they are trying to fix. Now, there is nothing wrong with this because we all need clear air to gain perspective, but when do we do our creative thinking - that ‘out of the box’ thinking?

Here is my tip for having a clearer vision:

Dedicate time every day to think about what could be, not what is.

Start with just 10 minutes per day and increase that time as you feel comfortable.

Take your situation right now and start to think about what could be rather than thinking about all of the barriers and the reasons why you cannot achieve something.

This is not just some spooky ‘positive thinking’ nonsense – it really works. Unless we begin to see possibility in our lives and start to believe we are worthy and able to achieve that possibility then life will be a constant struggle.

Find some clear air and begin to soar above the daily grind – you will be surprised what you might discover.

So, my challenge this week is to physically block 10 minutes per day out in your diary for creative thinking and be careful, because you might come up with something that is life changing.


Des Penny
Director - Founder

Proteus Leadership


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Virtual Studio #6 Now Established
On Sunshine Coast

Over the past month we have officially launched our new Sunshine Coast office and studio at Sunshine Beach. A full studio has been established so that virtual programs can also be delivered from there. Our next planned studio is a second one in Brisbane. It is wonderful to have six identical studios across Australia allowing us the flexibility and capacity to continue growing.


A Busy Day In May – Wednesday 5th May

On Wednesday last week, we had 5 studios with educators delivering virtual training, we had two producers assisting and one new team member attending one of the training sessions.

We also ran programs across Australia, New Zealand and USA in the same week.

This week we will also commence training in Great Britain. Apart from starting work at 3:30am in the morning, it has been a great experience and we look forward to ongoing International business.


Welcoming New Team Members

Over the next few weeks, we are looking forward to introducing you to some amazing new team members who have recently joined us to help us continue to deliver quality Leadership Development across Australia.

We love what we do and bringing new members into the team is very exciting.


Back In The Saddle!

Due to a massive upturn in business, I have found myself ‘back in the saddle’ running Virtual and Face-to-Face programs across Australia and I am loving it. Most of my time these days is marketing and running the business and developing product so, it has been so good to once again be working with clients in the development of their teams.

Feeling very privileged right now!


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Communication And Public Speaking For The Contemporary Leader

2021 Program #2 - Filling Fast!

Australia’s premier communication & public speaking program.

The ability to craft communication and presentations that are compelling has always been a critical skill for leaders to develop.

Whether you need to pitch a persuasive argument to your executive, sell change to your staff or colleagues, inform people to inspire action, present a message from the heart, deliver a workshop, or to represent your company through a keynote – leaders are expected to do these things exceptionally well.

However, in our highly distracted digital world it has become even harder for leaders to cut through all the noise with messages that stick.

Leadership Speak has been designed to assist leaders to become exceptional communicators and presenters who capture people’s minds and hearts within fast-paced workplace settings.

Over 4 x half-days expert Proteus facilitators will deliver 4 virtual sessions that will take leaders through a process require to prepare and deliver powerful and persuasive communication pieces.

The learning outcomes are practical and can be applied immediately back into your workplace, by learning how to:

  • Design presentations that are simple and work
  • Lean into the fear and embrace challenging responses and audiences
  • Enhance public presentation skills
  • Craft a pitch for change that inspires action
  • Be congruent with your body language
  • Develop recovery strategies when things unravel
  • Self-assess on Structure, Style, Substance and the Shift (the S-Factor)

Great leaders are also great communicators.

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