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"One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves is the permission to laugh." - Des Penny

When we lose the laughter then we have lost everything laughter truly is the best medicine.

One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves is the permission to laugh.

Don't you just love it when you hear someone having a great belly laugh, it is absolutely contagious.

I love to laugh albeit often at inappropriate times and places.

Have you ever noticed that when you get busy the things you remove from your life are usually the things that make you happy?

We enter into this incredible zone of self-sacrifice which inevitably has a negative effect on both us and those around us.

The interesting thing about this is that we can be in control of how happy we are. Sure, things will happen in our lives that cause us grief however, the length of time we allow these things to control us is completely up to us and will eventually determine the damage they do.

We lose our joy by not keeping things in perspective and by not allowing ourselves to have some fun. When did you last plan a night out to see a funny movie or go to a comedy show?

Wherever you get your joy from, get it back, and never lose it, because it is your responsibility to be happy. Circumstances can sometimes overpower you, but your inner joy is something that no one can take away unless you allow them to. It is who you are.

So, take some time out rediscover your joy and put yourself into situations where you experience the amazing healing power of laughter.

Remember, when we lose the laughter, we lose everything, so keep laughing, it truly is the best medicine.

Have an awesome week.


Des Penny

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Welcome Catherine Molloy

We are thrilled to welcome Catherine Molloy to the Proteus team. Catherine is a world class speaker and author, and she joins our team to take on the role of Regional Leader for NSW/ACT and also as a lead facilitator and coach. Catherine will operate out of our Brisbane office. Welcome aboard Catherine we are thrilled to be working with you.


It’s Time To Reinvent

Have you booked your team into this mind-changing face-to-face program with Co-CEO Des Penny? If ever there was a time that we needed to look at reinvention and sustainability it is now. So secure your places at this inspirational seminar as soon as possible.

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Richard Dore - Birthday Boy

Co-CEO, Richard Dore celebrated his birthday this week with some of the team in our Melbourne office. Our tradition is that if it is your birthday then you choose the cake. Richard’s choice was lemon tart, luckily, we were all in favour.


Brett Hutchinson In His Element

Our Proteus sports fanatic Brett Hutchinson was very happy with himself this week as he got to run training at the beautiful Adelaide oval. Here is Brett looking very chuffed.


Korrine Running Leading People & Culture Program

Korrine Jones conducts our face-to-face Leading People & Culture program in Brisbane. We hope that recent restrictions won’t stop that as it is great to get in front of people again.

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Managing Recruitment, Performance And Growth

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Although most organisations have internal Human Resource experts, it is important that every leader understands the HR role, what it is there for, and how they need to reflect the policies and processes that support it.

Throughout this program we will follow the life-cycle of a new staff member from recruitment and induction, to training and development, performance management, through the counselling and disciplinary processes and then into the organisational succession plan.

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