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Remove Negative Influences from your life

Have you ever had a time in your life when the way you feel and the things that you say are foreign to your normal feelings and speech? In other words, you are not proud of who you are becoming. This is what happens when our lives are stressful, and we allow negativity to take root.

When we allow negative people to enter our lives, and stay there, it is important to understand that they never have a desire to change themselves, but their intention is certainly to change you.

Janine Allis – Founder of Boost Juice states that the people we allow into our lives can be categorised in one of two ways, they are either Energy Givers or Energy Vampires.

So, it is important that we recognise where people fit in our world and if necessary, remove them from our lives, or diminish their impact and power.

Now I am not talking about the normal day-to-day conflict we have with people, I am talking about the controlling behaviours that cause us stress and are constantly on our mind.

I am talking about the people who want someone to listen to them and agree with them, otherwise they make you feel guilty.

These are not Energy Givers they are Energy Vampires!

Remember: In most cases, people only do what they do because we let them – so don’t let them!

We outgrow people and them us, or we simply go in different directions – that is life.

Know who your acquaintances are and understand that they will only ever bring so much to your life – so don’t expect more.

But it is important to also know who really has your back, because having great friends and positive people in our lives is so important for our success.

Although we can’t blame anyone else for who we have become, we can eliminate the negative influences in our lives and make the necessary changes.

Sometimes it is just time for an emotional clear out and as hard as it might seem, that often means people.

Every year we should audit and clear our Facebook & telephone address books, because success in life is not determined by how many names we have in our address book, but rather the type of people we have, and the relationships we have formed with them

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and lacking hope, maybe it is time to do a stocktake and introduce people into your life who want the best for you and in turn allow you to input some positivity into their lives.

But above all, never feel guilty about removing Energy Vampires from your life.

Des Penny – Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Bali Orphanage

Bali Orphanage

On behalf of the Bali Conference, this month we have been able to donate to YKPA orphanage Bali, the sum of $6,000 which will pay for new plumbing and 2 new water tanks, one year of rent for the building, a new printer and new CCTV equipment. Thank you to everyone concerned with this wonderful conference and cause.

We will continue to purchase new equipment as more people register into the conference.

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Breakfast Des

At a time when we are more connected than ever through technology and yet more autonomous in the way we work, people and workplaces are returning in droves to their tribes, once again seeking that human interaction. They are recognising that the Power of One can work, but the Power of One Plus One is often far more effective.
So, how do we find the balance and keep our tribe connected?

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Leading Innovation & Strategy Conference Bali

Bali Conference

This program will change the way you think!
Welcome to this exciting Bali conference where together we
will learn how to make time for creative space, how to lead change and how to ensure that we stay ahead of the pack and lead the way.

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Welcome Ragy

Welcome Ragy

We are thrilled to welcome Ragy Riupassa (Reggie) to the Proteus team. Ragy will be joining our very talented design team headed up by Joe Stuart. Welcome Ragy.

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Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness - Half-Day Seminar

This program will help busy leaders to focus on their priorities and establish strategies to bring about sustainable behavioural change. This is not just another time management program, you truly will want to change the way you think, manage yourself and others. A great program for your whole team.

This program follows the Proteus Leadership Breakfast Series #1 2019

“Engaging, informative, easy to understand and implement back at work. The presenters cover a lot of information and ideas but you don't feel bombarded like you do at many other similar programs.”
Matthew Berry - City of Greater Dandenong

“Relevant, practical and super positive. Frogs, eat them and love them!”
Matt Barkla - Beck Legal

“The program was full of energy and the presenters brought that energy to the people (it showed and got me happy and alert to be part of). There were positive ideas/thoughts from the presenters and I thought that they used real situations and issues from work/life which was real, not made up.”

“Effective insight and tools to help manage our key tasks to ensure we reach our objectives (KRA's).”
Julie Scott - Emmanuel College

“An insightful, practical program to help get the most out of your busy workdays.”
Jason Fletcher - Gallagher Bassett Services

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