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Restoring Relationships

Hi everyone,

So many people that I have been speaking to over the past months have commented on the number of friends, acquaintances and family members that they have lost contact with during the COVID lockdowns. Some of those decisions have been intentional, but in most cases, life has just gotten away from us.

I have made the point before about the importance of checking in with people to ensure they are OK, but this is different. Some real effort will be required to restore some of these very important relationships, because in many cases people have actually changed the way they live or even moved away.

There is almost a sense of not wanting to go out or make contact, even though we are starting to have more opportunities to do so.

We speak so much about restoring life to some sense of normal, but that is not just about opening up retail, or businesses, or being able to travel, it is much more than that.

It is about reconnecting with people and having those conversations and interactions that make each of us feel included and loved.

We don’t know what is happening behind closed doors, so as we start to open the country up again, let’s get our priorities in order and make our first priority to restore the relationships that meant so much to us before.

You never know, they might just be waiting for, and in need of your call.

Have a great week.

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


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Brett Hutchinson Relishing Face To face Education
At The Beautiful Adelaide Convention Centre


The Local Sites On The Way To Rochester (VIC)

Richard Dore also goes Face to face this week in Victoria with the Rochester Health team. On the way he admires the beautiful silo artwork.


Rob Hartnett Goes Virtual With
The HammondCare team

Here is some feedback from the program:

What a fulfilling couple of sessions with the Palliative Care Team at HammondCare in Sydney speaking on 'Understanding And Managing Behaviour', one of our popular programs at Proteus Leadership. Such a great team led by Nurse Unit Manager Joyce Baye . I am in awe of the work this team does and the way they deliver kindness, empathy and understanding often to people who are not showing their best selves. Our health care workers do such great work. Why not thank one today. #leadership #team #empathy #kindness #healthcare #palliativecare #passion.


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Creating A Positive Culture
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Creating and leading a no-whinge, solution-focused workplace.

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Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive.

Culture is all about your behaviours, it is what to do. So great leaders and workplaces don’t allow their culture to happen by default, they design it together by agreeing to operate above the line in a positive, professional and proactive way.

This allows for a psychological safe space to innovate, stay relevant, to fight clean to develop resilience, gratitude and a growth mindset, while giving staff permission to call people out on any toxic behaviours.

This results in a self-regulating culture where people celebrate achievements while creating great relationships, products and services.

  • Creating, leading and modelling great cultures
  • Staying positive and understanding the importance of recognition
  • Moving from entitlement to responsibility
  • Dealing with miserable people and ‘fighting clean’
  • Leading a robust, no-whinge and solution-focused culture
  • Helping your positive people to shine


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