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Sharing The Load

With so much happening in our lives right now and at such a rapid pace, it has never been more important to find ways to share the load.

The days when we thought that the best way to get things done was just to do it ourselves are well and truly over. To continue that practice will restrict the business, cause burnout for the person doing it and impact negatively on those we work with.

The simple answer that most people will give you is that you need to learn to delegate, but that is not always as easy as it sounds because you can only delegate to people who have the ability to take on the task or are prepared to learn.

So, sharing the load is not just about redistributing ‘things’ and ‘jobs’ it is about training and mentoring people around you to be there when you need them and to take ownership of the task or project.

Who do you have with you that you could delegate to? If the answer is no-one really, then go back to the basics and understand what you need to do to get them to that stage, otherwise the wheel just keeps spinning.

Remember, if you want people to help and you want to be able to delegate, then some short-term pain will have to take place before you can experience the long-term gain.

However, you may be surprised just how capable the people around you are.

Don’t be a martyr – share the load!

Des Penny
CO-CEO, Proteus Leadership


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