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Smell the Roses Not the Fertiliser!

Have you ever experienced that terrible stench when you put fertiliser or growth enhancing products on to your garden? It seems to permeate every part of you and stays with you even when you are not near it.

But one day the most beautiful and exquisite flowers appear, and the stench is now a distant memory.

The irony is that it was that seemingly unpleasant thing that gave your plants the strength and motivation to be amazing. So, let’s apply this to our own lives.

Simply put, it is only when we do the preparation that we can truly enjoy our full potential. It is often the seemingly unpleasant and difficult things that happen in our lives that actually give us the strength to be exceptional.

If only we could program ourselves to focus on the best rather than the worst.

If only we could program ourselves to believe in the potential that is locked within us waiting to be released.

Sure, I know you have heard all of this before, but there is a massive difference between hearing something and living it.

There is also a massive difference between knowing something and actually making it happen. And that is where we all come in.

Living life to the fullest and being positive, is an individual choice and I don’t know about you, but I have chosen to smell the roses rather than live amongst the fertiliser.

Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


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Well the craziness of the federal election is now over and I think we will all be happy with that. Although we need to determine who governs this amazing country, there is no doubt that in the process, things just stop and decisions cannot be made, which at times is difficult to juggle when running a business.

Some people will be happy with the result and others not happy, but at least one thing is certain, we can now spend the next three years just getting back to what we do – building our businesses, living our lives and trying to make a difference.

I know at Proteus, if anything, we are ramping up our vision ‘to create great leaders’ through education and support and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

So, let’s just focus, get back to work, and make a difference right where we are.

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Grant Davies gets in one last training session at Parliament House before the elections!

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