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Sometimes we just need to RESET

Firstly, just let me say that I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent it with family, friends and significant others and much chocolate was consumed.

With the events of the past year and even the events in Brisbane just before Easter, it seemed like everyone was hanging out for the Easter break. It was almost as if it was a line in the sand, a chance to take a deep breath and reset our personal lives, our emotions, the time spent with others and to even catch up on some afternoon Nanna Naps.

Well, we are back, and the question is, how are we going to use that regained energy and also make sure we don’t get to that point of exhaustion again. I think a lot of it is totally within our control. In other words, we can:

  • Bring back into our lives, and appreciate, the things that we really enjoy
  • Learn to say NO!
  • Stop resenting the things that you have to do, but rediscover their value
  • Re-introduce gratitude back into our lives on a daily basis
  • Start to focus on the good in people and situations – you will find it if you look
  • When you are critical or negative, be aware of the damage being done and STOP mid-sentence
  • Love lots and then a bit more!

I know to some, these points may seem a bit gushy, but I challenge you to introduce them into your life; you will be amazed how different you then think, speak and behave.

The next three months will be challenging and exciting all at the same time, but we all have the ability to RESET, if we choose to.

So, I encourage you to take up the challenge and use the benefits of this short break to your advantage, before we are overwhelmed again.

Have an awesome week!


Des Penny - Director
Proteus Leadership


Creating A Positive Culture Workshop - 26th May

The very popular and powerful virtual Creating A Positive Culture Workshop conducted by Richard Dore, is happening again on the 26th, May and there are only 10 places left. Secure your places now by clicking on the link below.

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Proteus Victoria Team Celebrates Easter

The Proteus Team in Melbourne celebrate the Easter break with chocolate. You can’t beat chocolate, any time of the year.


The Leadership Breakfast Series Is back

We are so excited to have the Breakfast Series back live in SA, QLD & VIC commencing on 28th July 2021 in Adelaide.

This is a wonderful opportunity to network with your own team and with others while being inspired by our breakfast speaker – Richard Dore.

Book your tickets/tables NOW.

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By the way, we still need you to help us set up our dedicated Youtube Channel so you can help us by clicking on the link above to register. Thank you for helping us spread the word about Great Leadership.

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Feature Program
Making Decisions That Matter
Virtual Workshop


Next program: 1st June

Poor leaders are indecisive leaders. Great leaders make decisions and then back themselves, their people and the outcomes. They continually make insightful judgement calls to act, with the right intent and for the greater good.

Simply put, great leaders make great decisions.

However, making continual strategic and tactical decisions can be daunting as they come with risks and can be fraught with self-doubt that can lead to procrastination.

This workshop will decode leadership decisiveness and help you to use both creative and critical decision-making tools and templates. Here you will gain the confidence to make innovative decisions that matter and result in success.

  • Why decisiveness is critical to leadership credibility
  • How to utilise the creative and the critical thinking stages
  • Establishing your leadership intuitiveness for critical decisions
  • Building in risk and failure as a part of success
  • Learning how to stay in the question
  • Maximising decisions using De Bono’s ‘Six Hats’ model


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