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The Other Man’s Grass is Not Greener – Just A Different Shade of Green!

"The other man’s grass is very rarely greener however, it will often remind us of how green ours is." - Des Penny

I have had the privilege of spending the month of July overseas in Europe visiting a range of cities, countries and famous landmarks and I must say that I had an amazing time and a great rest.

I am fascinated by Europe, especially cities like Paris and Barcelona and have often said that if I was not living in Australia, Barcelona is the city I would love to live in.

Travelling to places like this opens up a whole range of senses that we often don’t use as much as we should.

There are new sounds and new smells and new languages, new architecture, new food etc.

There are also new learning experiences and new coping strategies that must be adopted, all of which make us more versatile and more aware.

 All of the things that we are so used to doing and seeing are no longer seen and done that way in this new environment and so we must adapt and learn as we go.

However, amongst all of Europe’s history and beauty, is a plethora of challenges and events that make us stop and compare with what we currently have and do and help us to understand just how privileged we are to live where we do and to have the freedom that we have.

The problems that we often complain about, and the politics that we get upset about, pale into insignificance when we get a broader picture of how the rest of the world is living and surviving.

Our problems, when put into perspective are just so small really, but our good points are so large. We are indeed privileged people living in a privileged nation.

I discovered so many wonderful things on this trip but the greatest thing that I discovered was how blessed I am as a human being and the opportunities that were available to every person if we are prepared to take them up.

Maybe this is what we need to see and recognise for our own lives and for the organisations that we work in.

It is great to have new and exciting adventures, but it is also great when we return and start to take notice once again of the sounds and the smells and the diversity and the food and the architecture that we see every day, right where we are, because the other man’s grass is not usually greener, it is just a different shade of green.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Heading to Bali this week

Bali Conference

Well it is finally here. Twenty-Five leaders are heading to Bali this week for our Leading Innovation And Strategy conference in Seminyak. I can’t wait to meet everyone who represent just about every state of Australia, and one delegate from both Indonesia and the UAE. I look forward to sharing photos and comments with you all on our return.

We will again be holding the Bali event in August 2020 with a different program, so start thinking about how you can bring your team along next year.

2020 Program Schedule


Our 2020 program schedule is currently under development and will be completed by 30th September 2019. Many clients have been asking for information about the programs so that they can start planning their development programs for next year. Please feel free to call us if you have any specific enquiries.

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Leadership by Design Program –
New Format for In-house Programs


Our very popular Leadership By Design program has been redesigned for In-House Programs. If you are considering conducting this program in-house for your team in either 2019 or 2020, please contact us to discuss the program and logistics.

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Proteus Leadership Goes International
To New Zealand

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Grant Davis, Regional Leader NSW/ACT - Lead Educator braved the cold and headed to Auckland for an In-House 2-Day Emerging Leaders Program.

It’s always great training in New Zealand and Grant had a powerful session with the passionate group of future leaders. 

The last round of the 2019 Emerging Leaders Program will be running from September - October, click here to secure your place.

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Leading Innovation And Strategy -
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Leading Innovation And Strategy is about assisting leaders and their teams to think in new ways, to challenge the status quo and to see a bigger and better picture for the future.

These two days combined with 8 weekly digital challenges makes it one of the most practical and relevant leadership programs in Australia.

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“Really great, valued added delivery of key tools and strategies for leaders to effectively lead and innovate. Great job to all in the program's development and delivery! A key take away for me has been around truly understanding innovation and strategies for effectively transforming my team's mindset from fixed to growth.”
Keith Burnell

“A positive and interactive program that facilitates and invites discussion around common leadership challenges and opportunities in the workplace, and offers a broad range of strategies and tools that can be adapted by individuals to help lead innovation and change to practice in the workplace. Not just a 'what' program but a 'how to'”
Elizabeth Matthews

“Excellent. It was extremely informative and gave real examples that can be put into practice straight away.”
Jade Hand

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