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The Power Of Support

Firstly, I would like to thank all of those people who wrote to me last week about my article on, The Joy and Pain of Leadership. It seems that quite a few people were going through similar experiences. We really are in this together and the power of supporting each other cannot be underestimated.

In fact, it made me think about the last time that I contacted certain people, just to check in and ask how they are. Often when you are in a leadership role people just assume that you have it all together. But often that supposed strength is what is expected and is for the benefit of others, not because it is necessarily real at the time.

When was the last time you contacted a friend, a colleague or even your boss, just to ask how they are? It is surprising what a huge difference that can make to a person’s wellbeing.

Right now, I am making a list of seven people I will call over the next week, will you join me?

Sometimes it is just a simple word, or just the fact that you cared enough to call, that can make an enormous difference.

So, let’s start reconnecting, because this is a simple, yet powerful way that we can all be in this together.

Have a great week.


Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


Take Care Queensland

It seems that every week we are talking about another state that has gone into lockdown – well this time it is Queensland. Take care everyone in the Sunshine State and look after each other. We are thinking of you and supporting you at this time.


Having Conversations That Matter
Virtual Workshop – Extra Program

Due to the popularity, and another sold out program, we have decided to schedule a further, Having Conversations That Matter Workshop for the 30th of November 2021.

Register yourself and your team now as this program will fill very quickly.



Two Exciting New Workshops Scheduled

As promised last week, I am thrilled to be able to launch two new workshops onto our public 2021 schedule:

15th September
Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness 


7th October
The Service Factor


Click on the links to get more information about these workshops and to register.

Next week, I will introduce two more workshops to our public schedule.


Proteus Team Happily Getting The Jab

All of the Proteus team are happily working towards being fully vaccinated within the next two months. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is about having respect for the people and the clients we work with face-to-face. Well done to all of the team.


Rob, Catherine And Stefan At Work

Educators, Rob Hartnett, Catherine Molloy and Producer, Stefan Olesinski, having a bit of fun while presenting our - Having Conversations That Matter workshop this week.


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Feature Program
Two NEW Fantastic Virtual Workshops – Register Now!

15th September
Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness Virtual Workshop

Find your focus and create more with less
This virtual program will help busy leaders to focus on their priorities and establish strategies to bring about sustainable behavioural change. This is not just another time management program, you truly will want to change the way you think, manage yourself and others. A great program for your whole team.


  • Finding focus
  • Establishing key value activities
  • Understanding what’s important vs. what’s urgent
  • Getting some attitude
  • Creating more with less – the 80/20 principle
  • Concentrating on low effort/high reward activities
  • Learning to say NO

Register Now


7th October
The Service Factor Virtual Workshop

Getting everyone on the same service page
By the end of the program participants will have rediscovered the importance of both internal and external customer service.
They will be able to develop strategies and techniques to provide positive, passionate and professional service to both their customers and across their organisation.
Participants will create a shared understanding and language to drive the service factor across their team or organisation.


  • The Service Factor Model
  • Internal Vs. External Service
  • Your Most Important Customers
  • Servile Or Service
  • The Customer Service Gene
  • Meeting Customer Expectations – Systems And Style
  • Teaching People To Care
  • Going Above And Below Expectations
  • Handling Criticism – A Complaint Is A Gift

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