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The Privilege of Service

In the midst of a very fast-paced life we now all live, the privilege we have to serve each other, in many cases, has been lost.

Some years ago, when you asked an organisation what their special ‘point of difference’ was, without exception they would say, “we provide exceptional service”.

It is not that people don’t still see the need for exceptional service, it has just been lost in the process.

My challenge to everyone reading this message, is to Bring Service Back to the top of our priority list where it belongs and again truly make it a ‘point of difference’ in our businesses.

We all know that when we have a bad service experience, we never return. It scares me to think how many people did not return to our organisations, products and services because of one interaction that could have been handled better.

Like anything though, service must be taught.

It must be seen by everyone in the organisation as a non-negotiable, not just for external clients, but also internally, in our dealings with each other.

We get what we promote and what we teach, so if you want your organisation to be known for its service then you must invest in making it happen, by helping people to understand the importance of service and then in turn giving them the skills to deliver on it.

So, why not take the plunge. Book your whole team into our upcoming 'The Service Factor' workshop being conducted in Melbourne and Brisbane by Richard Dore.

It is an investment we cannot afford to ignore.

It truly is a privilege to serve, and when we understand the privilege of service, we reap the benefits.

Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


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Leadership Breakfast in Perth

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Feature Program
The Service Factor Workshop -
Half-Day Seminar

In an exciting world of technological advancement, unfortunately our attention to service has taken a back seat and it is time to bring it back to the forefront in our businesses.
No matter how good your product is, unless it is connected to great service and walking in the shoes of your clients, it will never reach its potential. Great service is everyone’s responsibility.

This workshop will help to get everyone on the same great service page.

“This seminar was very informative, fast-paced, and engaging. It's delivered in a high-energy, impactful way without the weightiness of lengthy discussion.”
Natalie Lockett - Vinpac International

“The program was both internally and externally focussed, which is great for a corporate services team whose main customers are internal. It provided an action plan to focus on key areas where customer service can be improved and team behaviours monitored by the team.”
Laurie Ellis - Mitchell Shire Council

“Efficient and effective systems, combined with a flexible and positive style, while looking at a complaint as a gift leads to exceptional customer service that exceeds customers' expectations.”
Martina Rasmussen - Frankston City Libraries

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