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What’s Your Story?

Hi everyone,

Just imagine right now that you had been asked the very simple but somewhat confronting question, “what is your story?”

How would you respond? Would you be coy and dismiss the question? Would you have a convoluted awkward story that goes everywhere, yet nowhere? Or would you have a short concise story that describes who you are, what you have done and where you are heading?

Every one of us has a story, it just that so many of us don’t think it will be interesting to others, and so we don’t spend time developing it.

Our story is our life plan and only when we learn to turn our life plan from a spreadsheet or a document full of dot points to a story, do we start to enjoy the journey and realise that everything we do and everyone we speak to, become actors in our story.

So, right up front, what is your story?

We all have a story, in fact every single minute of our day, another story is being created, so let’s foster them so we can share them with others!

But we must be prepared to be vulnerable and honest for our story to have maximum impact.

Life is a series of stories that either result in lessons learned or opportunities missed.

These short stories that happen every day in our life become a part of our bigger story that needs to be shared.

So, start to look for the exciting things that happen in your life every day because they will become a part of who you are if you let them.

Have an awesome week


Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


2022 Program Schedule Launched

I am thrilled to be able to advise you that our Virtual Program and Workshops schedule for 2022 has now been launched and you can download it here. Registrations into our 2022 programs are now being taken.



The Service Factor (7th Oct) SOLD OUT!
New Program 14th Oct

Again, one of our half-day virtual workshops, The Service Factor, has sold out very quickly. But we have responded by launching an extra program on 14th October.

Register now you and your team for The Service Factor virtual Workshop.



Korrine Jones Delivering Face-To-Face Emerging Leaders In Brisbane

Being in QLD, Korrine Jones, feels privileged to be able to run face-to-face leadership programs with clients. Let’s hope that the rest of Australia can do the same soon.

Click on the button below to view our full Leadership Development Schedule.



COVID Pantry - Leanne Keillor

Another Recipe from the COVID Pantry with Leanne Keillor: Vegetable Slice

Vegetable Slice


  • • 2 x large zucchini’s (grated)
  • • 2 x carrots (grated)
  • • 1 x onion (diced or grated)
  • • 4 x rashers short cut bacon (diced)
  • • 1 cup grated cheese
  • • ¼ cup corn kernels
  • • ½ cup oil
  • • 1 ¼ cups S.R. Flour
  • • 5 eggs (lightly whisk)
  • • Salt & pepper


  1. Grate the zucchini and carrot into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add the finely chopped onion and bacon to the bowl, mix.
  3. Lightly beat the eggs and add to the mixture along with the remaining ingredients. Mix well.
  4. Pour into a greased/lined dish (lasagne sized dish) and bake at 180 degrees for approximately 40 minutes or until golden brown on top.


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Feature Program
Presenting With Confidence
Virtual Workshop

6th October - REGISTER NOW!

Getting Yourself And Your Ideas Heard
One of the most important skills that a leader can possess is the ability to communicate effectively.

We are often called on to present information or strategy, or maybe to conduct a meeting; not having the appropriate skills can stop us getting an important message across, and may even impact on our career.

This program has been designed to give participants the communication skills and templates required to effectively deliver the message they want to get across.

The structures and templates introduced in this program are invaluable for any person wanting to gain confidence and to take that next step in their communication development.


  • The 4 P’s of Presenting
  • Making the Introduction Powerful
  • How Not to Die on Stage
  • The ‘Load, Aim, Fire’ Concept
  • Preparing an Awesome Presentation
  • How To Avoid Death By Powerpoint
  • The Art of Story Telling

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