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Would You Like Some Inspiration With That?


"The reason people get good ideas in the shower is because it's the only time during the day when most people are away from screens long enough to think clearly. The lesson is not to take more showers, but rather to make more time to think.” – James Clear.

Last week I needed a creative way of rewriting a key section of my upcoming breakfast keynote on the Imposter Syndrome. Maybe there was a component missing, but regardless, my intuition was telling me that my last draft and rehearsal just wasn’t quite right yet. It was good, but certainly not great.

Alas, no inspiration was coming. Frustrating!

Ironically, I was starting to have some self-doubts that my ‘okay’ presentation would now tank, and my key messages wouldn’t resonate with our audience. Could it be that I might be found out and exposed as a big phoney on the day? An Imposter?

This type of thinking certainly wasn’t helping with my creative juices. In fact, it was hindering any progress in transforming my presentation.

Given my week was full of operational commitments, it was like my brain had no room to think clearly. There was just no creative space in the day to even ruminate and explore a better way in any depth.

As per my regular habit, straight after work I went for a swim. After getting into the zone doing my laps, I felt the challenges of the day dissipate whilst my brain relaxed to allow for some introspective thinking.

While I was drying myself off after my swim and staring into the horizon, it was only then that I had my sudden creative lightbulb moment. A simple but creative idea that would resolve my challenge. An epiphany!

It wasn’t a question of… “what actually is this thing called the Imposter Syndrome?”, or “how common and overwhelmingly debilitating it is when we have these moments”. Or even how to reframe these moments (although I have that all covered in my session). It was the WHY!

Why would anyone want to listen to this presentation? Why should they care? Why do leaders need to embrace this now?

Well, it’s because leaders need to not only learn this for themselves but also, need to be able to identify with their people quickly, and then know how to empathetically navigate a way forward together. This is where true transformation, growth, learning and development happens.

Bingo! This was the missing piece that I needed to rework into my presentation.

This story is about more than just the Imposter Syndrome. It’s about discovering that we need to create the space for uninterrupted deep thinking so that inspirational ideas come our way.

It’s what neuroscientists call being in flow, or a reward mental state. It’s where we have our best insights and creative moments, resulting in more innovative thinking.

In this space our vision widens. We become more curious, more lateral. We play while being more open to risk. Here, we feel more connected with the bigger picture and left field ideas that are often the game changer, or at least part of the solution.

Go ahead and book some precious time with yourself for some creative deep thinking. Honour that time and allow for inspirational ideas to flow your way.

Wishing you a wonderful week of creativity and inspiration.




Richard Dore
CEO - Director of Partnerships

Proteus Leadership


Lights, Camera, Action!

The Proteus team were hard at work continuing the development of our online learning programs.
Grant Davis, GM Education flew down to the Melbourne office to film. Joe Stuart, Head of Development, Design & Media was behind the camera and Des Penny, Founder & Director of Innovation, Growth & Strategy was directing and producing.
Watch this space for more information about our online learning programs coming soon.


In the latest episode of the "Let's GO – Let's GROW" Podcast, Des Penny explores the timeless qualities that define true leadership. Amidst the rapid technological advancements and societal changes, Des highlights the essential human values that remain constant.

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Lisa Cutler in Mildura, Victoria
with Lower Murray Water

Lisa Cutler, Head of Coaching / Lead Educator was on the road recently traveling to Mildura, Victoria to run another Leading People & Culture multi-session program for participants at Lower Murray Water.

With many leaders and emerging leaders having completed the program over the last 6 years, Lower Murray Water took the opportunity to come together with Lisa to recap on the key principles of the program and discuss their commitment to embed these leadership principles as they lead their teams and their organisation.

The group talked all things behaviour styles and the importance of understanding self and others. Great to be back in regional Victoria with this fantastic group of leaders.

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Back with the Broncos

Simon Fallon, Lead Educator QLD had a lively and fun session with the Brisbane Broncos this past week, facilitating a Presenting with Confidence keynote for their coaching and performance staff. The participants have a range of presenting responsibilities in their roles so being able to share some tips and templates to help them hone their skills was a real privilege!

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Lisa Cutler with South Gippsland Shire Council

Lisa Cutler, Head of Coaching / Lead Educator had the privilege of running an in-house Emerging Leaders program with some of the team at South Gippsland Shire Council. A fantastic two days of face-to-face training with an engaged group of leaders.


Breakfast Series Kicks Off in Perth

Over 125 West Australian’s got up early to attend Richard Dore’s Leadership Breakfast Series, Embracing The Imposter Syndrome. Congratulations Richard on an incredibly inspiring keynote. Next stop, Adelaide, then Melbourne and finally Brisbane. If you are in either Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane, there is still time to register, so book your team today!

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Matthew Church Creating A Positive Culture
at Vision Eye Institute

Delighted to have been part of the recent Vision Eye Institute Leaders Workshop. State Leader VIC, Matthew Church thoroughly enjoyed taking VEI’s leaders through our flagship ‘Creating A Positive Culture’ workshop.

VEI are incredibly passionate about empowering their clinical, business and practice leaders – we are grateful that we could be part of such a wonderful day of development.

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Brett Hopkins at See Differently

Brett Hopkins, State Leader SA had a great day with leaders at See Differently. Brett ran the Creating A Positive Culture workshop. Brett was also lucky enough to have a tour of the facility from their CEO getting to see first-hand the amazing technology that is available to people who are vision impaired or who have low vision. A truly inspiring day.

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Feature Program
Limited spaces available for this exclusive face-to-face workshop in 2024!


Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive.

Culture is all about your behaviours, it is what to do. So great leaders and workplaces don’t allow their culture to happen by default, they design it together by agreeing to operate above the line in a positive, professional and proactive way.

This allows for a psychological safe space to innovate, stay relevant, to fight clean to develop resilience, gratitude and a growth mindset, while giving staff permission to call people out on any toxic behaviours.

This results in a self-regulating culture where people celebrate achievements while creating great relationships, products and services.

  • How To Lead And Model Great Cultures
  • Designing A Robust And Sustainable Future Culture
  • Building Resilient Workplaces


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