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Don't Paint Yourself Into A Corner

Hi everyone,

Sometimes we make decisions far too quickly, or we make decisions that are not flexible and have an already established ‘single-focus’ answer.

So, what is decision-making all about? It is about arriving at the best solution you can, taking into account all of the information on the table.

But what if we approached decision-making understanding that everything we decided was just the foundation to expand and build on.

It is not until we see the possibilities around our decisions, do we grow and move forward.

For example, we make a decision to take a certain direction in our life. Why have we made that decision and are we happy to accept our decision as the final destination?

What if our decisions were made with the full knowledge that they were always going to be the launching pad for the next part of the journey?

Maybe if we approached decision-making like this, then we would be more open to considering the opinions of others in our decision-making process and we would be less defensive when others question our decisions!

So, don’t paint yourself into a corner. Remember that every decision we make should lead us to a better place, that will require another decision.

"That’s just how life works – or it should be!"

Have an awesome week.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


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Good morning USA! Grant Davis tag teamed on the night shift this week to deliver Leadership Foundations Program to Gallagher Bassett USA and UK. How amazing to be delivering life changing education across the globe – such a privilege. Well done Grant with the early mornings and late nights. 🇺🇸 🇬🇧


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Richard Dore Conducted Coaching With Confidence Workshop

Richard Dore headed to Wollongong (NSW) to conduct a Coaching With Confidence Workshop with the Flexi Schools team.

They were a highly engaged and proactive group of leaders.

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Lisa Cutler Delivered Creating A Positive Culture Workshop

Regional Leader Lisa Cutler had a very enjoyable Creating A Positive Culture session with Glenorchy City Council (Tasmania).


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