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Hibernate And Then Reactivate

Like everyone, Proteus has been hit hard and fast by this terrible Virus. We are in the training and events industry and to be honest, we have been belted. Our whole business is about bringing people together in groups and that just cannot happen at the moment.

But just like a bear in hibernation, we will come out of this HUNGRY and ready to fight for what we so strongly believe in – Creating Great Leaders.

We know that businesses cannot survive unless they have strong leadership at all levels. So, we look forward to when we can be back working with leaders on culture, people and strategy and helping companies to rebuild and be better and different.

But as I have said many times before, whatever the situation, we must continue to instil HOPE into the people around us.

But remember, HOPE is not just blindly wishing something would happen, HOPE is a belief that it will be better, accompanied by action.

This horrible virus impacts on so many parts of our lives. On the weekend I realised that I may not hug my children and grandchildren for several months as we go into isolation. That breaks my heart, but it has also released the creative juices within me to create new ways to communicate, some of which may remain even after the medical profession finds a cure.

Both Richard Dore, myself and a skeleton team, will be working all the way through, so please call us if you want to discuss running programs later in the year, or if you just want to talk.

All teams across the nation need encouragement right now and within six months will need to completely reset their leadership and the way they operate.

Don’t let this horrid thing define you. Yes, it will mean we have to make changes, but let those changes take us forward, not backwards.

I will continue to produce our Proteus Speak weekly newsletter every fortnight, right throughout this crazy journey.

So, hang in there everyone, stay safe and continue to find ways to communicate with family, friends and work mates, because we truly are in this together

Des Penny Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Proteus Wellness Checks

Proteus Wellness Checks

One of the things we have introduced while our team are all working from home is to have Thursday 11am Wellness Checks.
For those who want to be involved, we all Zoom in at that time to check up on each other.
But there is one other thing that people must commit to doing and that is to each bring us a good news story or experience every time we meet.
Give it a try with your teams.

Friday night Digital Drinks

Friday night Digital Drinks

Another thing that I have heard some companies are doing is to have Friday Night Digital drinks.
Everyone hooks up online with their pets and/or family, with a glass of wine or their favourite beverage and have a chat and a laugh.
What a great idea. Keeping connected is the key to coming out of this strong.

Your Ideas Matter

Your Ideas Matter

Tell us what you are doing to stay connected and the inspirational things you have heard about. Send me an email at: des.penny@proteusleadership.com and I will start a weekly, ‘Your Ideas and Inspirations’ section in this newsletter.

Online Learning

Online Learning

We are currently in the process of converting our two-day leadership programs to online programs. We are probably still about 4 weeks away, but I will keep you posted on our progress. The two programs we are working on first are, the Emerging Leaders program and the Leading People and Culture program.

Let us know if you and/or your teams are interested in our online options.

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Stay Connected In 2020


Feature Program
1-Day Resetting Your Leadership Program

A Program For Leadership And Life

In this fast paced, ever changing role of leadership, the expectation of today’s leaders and what we have the capacity to give, can often conflict.

The real success of a leader is not the ability to keep going, but in fact the ability to know when and how to STOP and RESET our leadership life.

In order to do this, we must understand and practice the skills of:

  • • Living and Leading with Insight
  • • Building Leadership Resilience
  • • Understanding How to Remain Relevant
  • • Know How to See and Lead Opportunity and Growth

This workshop is designed to assist leaders in leading themselves and their teams to success and continue to build relevance and resilience in their personal and professional lives.

During the workshop we deal with topics that are often overlooked or avoided, but are in fact the life blood of dynamic, successful leadership.

If you only attend one program in 2020, make sure it is the RESETTING YOUR LEADERSHIP Workshop, because until we are prepared to RESET who we are, how we think and how we act, we will continue to struggle in our leadership role.

This is a workshop for individuals and teams wanting to be better and different.

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