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Let’s keep GOING – Let’s keep GROWING

Hi everyone,

As you will have noticed my theme for this year is Let’s GO – Let’s GROW and let’s bring some positivity and fun back into our lives and our workplaces.

Over the past month the team at Proteus has been living this theme and already we have been able to achieve so much. With a new office and Regional Leader in Sydney, to the appointment of three more members to our team, to the introduction of a future leadership podcast, a new coaching arm also about to be established, and new studios in locations across Australia; we certainly are loving having so much possibility in front of us.

The funny thing about growth though, is that so much of it is a mindset. I know people and organisations that are so negative and live in such a cynical doom and gloom environment, and then wonder why they don’t succeed. They live in this constant washing machine cycle.

Our minds will always be the difference between failure and success.

So, my question this week is, what self-fulfilling prophecy are you telling yourself?

Even in the darkest and most negative of situations, someone has to step up and have a mindset that says, things will get better, and we need to grow, because that’s what great leaders do.

So, right through 2023 I will be promoting GROWTH both personally and professionally.

I hope that you will come on the ride with us and make some changes right where you are.

Be that leader who truly makes a difference and don’t get bogged down in the small stuff.

So, Let’s GO and Let’s GROW!

Have a great week.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


Congrats to Richard Dore

Congrats to Richard Dore for last week’s Building A Psychologically Safe Workplace webinar with almost 100 people. The chat box was full of positive comments.

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Grant Davis Is Back In The Studio

Grant Davis is back in the studio to kick off February with Understanding & Managing Behaviour workshop. He had also a great face-to-face day with National Credit Insurance (Brokers) delivering The Service Factor workshop. Check out our Leadership Professional Schedule for upcoming programs.

Leadership Professional Schedule


Richard Dore celebrates his 24th Anniversary

Richard Dore celebrates his 24th Anniversary at Proteus with the Victorian team and Leanne Keillor who presented him with a beautiful bottle of Jim Barry wine.


Let’s GO – Let’s GROW Podcast with Des Penny – Coming Soon!

Des Penny in the studio preparing for his Leadership podcast Let’s GO – Let‘s GROW, series to be launched in April. Watch this space.


Jen Bierge And The Department Of Premier And Cabinet Team

Jen Bierge working with the Department Of Premier And Cabinet’s team at their Presenting With Confidence program in QLD.

Check our schedule for upcoming programs.

Leadership Professional Schedule


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Leading Innovation & Strategy
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Moving Yourself And Your Workplace Towards Exceptional!

A leader’s level of performance is primarily driven by how prepared they are to grow personally and professionally, and most of this growth comes about as a result of the way they think.

This unique program is designed to provide leaders with the skills and opportunities to develop the way they think, and therefore perform more effectively as a leader.

Leading Innovation & Strategy is about assisting leaders and their teams to think in new ways, to challenge the status quo and to see a bigger and better picture for the future.

Over 4 x half-days expert Proteus facilitators will deliver 4 x virtual sessions exploring a range of topics, all focused on preparing leaders to better lead change, innovation and growth in their workplaces.

This program is also delivered as a face-to-face event over 2 x consecutive days.

These sessions combined with 8 x weekly digital challenges, makes it one of the most practical and relevant leadership programs available.

The outcomes for leaders are tangible and can be applied back into the workplace immediately. Participants will learn how to:

  • Generate new ideas and processes for action
  • Better navigate chaotic and rapid change
  • Build their leadership credibility
  • Understand the new and evolving marketplace
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • More effectively influence stakeholders
  • Move from an operational to a strategic mindset
  • Lead the implementation of transformational changeThis program is suited to those leaders who are passionate about improving performance and/or responsible for rolling out change.

The program is not only for individuals, but has also been developed for teams that are working together to drive growth and innovation in their workplace.

This is not just another training program, but is truly a leadership experience that will change the way you think about what you do and how you create your desired future.
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