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Taking Back The Leadership Controls

Hi everyone,

As we are all aware the past two years have been destructive and challenging, and yet for some, very exciting. Whatever camp you fit into, it has still been exhausting and at times confusing, as often we have not known what we should do ourselves and what we can expect of others.

When I speak to clients and people I know, there is a resounding sense that leadership has gone missing, or leadership simply did not know what to do in these unprecedented times.

But there are also great stories of leaders who stood their ground, faced things head on and came out the other side stronger than ever – because that’s what GREAT leaders do.

Stop for a moment and take a look at where you are as a leader, and where the other leaders in your organisation currently stand. Are you proud of the progress you have made, or are you tired, frustrated and still overwhelmed?

Maybe it is time to not address all of the outstanding issues at once, but instead take some time to refuel your leadership tank so that the wheel of uncertainty and doubt stops spinning quite so fast.

So, what can you do:

  • Schedule time each day to just sit and think. Not about the problem, but solutions
  • Ensure that you are not too busy to make contact and reach out to people both inside the workplace and externally
  • Eat properly and exercise every day (I am working on this one)
  • Begin to rediscover the privilege of leadership
  • Don’t be afraid of success or personal advancement
  • Stop dumping on yourself, because self-doubt quickly moves to self-pity and that is not good for anyone
  • Do some leadership education (yes with Proteus) because we truly get what leaders are going through right now
  • Be happy! I know it is not that easy but remember our happiness is totally dependent on our want to reach out and grab it.

As I have said all along – it is what it is, but what it becomes is entirely up to us.

I don’t write this message to sound like an expert, I write it because I too have, am, and will, go through the tough times just like everyone else, but I refuse to be dictated to by something that I can impact if I am prepared to acknowledge it and deal with it.

Remember; we all feel like a fraud sometimes, but that does not mean that we are!

So, even though it often doesn’t feel like it, leadership is, and will always be, a privilege, and you have been chosen to live that life and to inspire others to also discover that privilege.

Let’s get stronger and take back the controls together because the past two years cannot define our future in a negative way. We are better and stronger than that.

Have a great week.

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


Welcome To Tanya Campbell

A special welcome this week to Tanya Campbell (Database Coordinator/Client Services) who joins Proteus Leadership in our Brisbane office. Welcome to the Proteus family Tanya.


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Understanding & Managing Behaviour Virtual Workshop

"Very engaging and interactive (a wonderful outcome for a webinar), loved the spread of participants, I got some great insights in the small group chats, very aligned to real life and actual scenarios."

- Joan Wilson-Jones - QBCC


Creating A Positive Culture Virtual Workshop

"An excellent check-in on what it means to lead with positivity, filled with practical no-nonsense ways of working for application to how we work everyday."

- Sara Fleming - WCHN


Having Conversation That Matter Virtual Workshop

"Other courses I've attended throw up a bunch of slides and talk through diagrams, but only Proteus provides hands-on training material, frameworks, templates, and gets you to role play during the day. You can't not participate. You can't not learn something!"

- Daniel Johns - CyberCX Australia


Emerging Leaders Multi-session Program

"Thank you for a fantastic program to assist in equipping me with knowledge and resources beneficial for emerging leadership. I enjoyed the four sessions and think that you are brilliant speakers. In particular, I enjoyed the last session where we were introduced to templates in order to assist us in preparing a 'pitch up' or 'roll out' of ideas and strategies within the workplace."

- Bethany Williams-Holthouse - Bundaberg Regional Council


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Feature Program
Making Decisions That Matter
Virtual Workshop


Next program: 3rd May

Poor leaders are indecisive leaders. Great leaders make decisions and then back themselves, their people and the outcomes. They continually make insightful judgement calls to act, with the right intent and for the greater good.

Simply put, great leaders make great decisions.

However, making continual strategic and tactical decisions can be daunting as they come with risks and can be fraught with self-doubt that can lead to procrastination.

This workshop will decode leadership decisiveness and help you to use both creative and critical decision-making tools and templates. Here you will gain the confidence to make innovative decisions that matter and result in success.

  • Why decisiveness is critical to leadership credibility
  • How to utilise the creative and the critical thinking stages
  • Establishing your leadership intuitiveness for critical decisions
  • Building in risk and failure as a part of success
  • Learning how to stay in the question
  • Maximising decisions using De Bono’s ‘Six Hats’ model


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