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Hi everyone,

Sometimes the pressures of life and business can become very heavy and you wonder why you bother. But then someone tells you that what you do has had such a positive impact on their personal and professional life and you know that you have to keep going.

Here is my daily mantra that keeps me sane and reminds me that what I do is good.

  • Today I will be positive towards everything that happens and everyone I come in contact with
  • Today I will practice living & leading with insight and encourage someone
  • Today I will believe in what I do and not allow those who disagree or have controlling tendencies dictate the way I feel
  • Today when things get me down I will take another step up the ladder and replace negativity with a new challenge and a new wave of excitement
  • Today I will remember that, ‘The teacher arrives when the student is ready’. Some people will never be ready, but I must ensure that I am
  • Today I will focus on the results we have achieved rather than the obstacles that people throw at us
  • Today I will focus on the people who have grown because of what we do
  • Today I will tell myself that I am a good and positive influence and I have a wonderful team of supporters
  • Today I will encourage myself to keep moving towards the vision, in fact, go harder and faster. The faster you go, the further behind you leave the past in your dust
  • Today I will believe in the things that I have written as happening. They will become reality because they are the changes that I wish to see

Remember: Not everyone will celebrate your success or be happy with your achievements. That does not mean that you are not successful, or you should not continue to share with others. The people who really matter will listen, they will learn and they will allow you to celebrate with them when they have breakthrough moments.

Keep going, keep achieving, keep growing and never forget to celebrate who you are and what you have done.




Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership

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New “Let’s Go – Let’s Grow” Podcast Episode #3 Now Available

In this episode of the Let's Go Let's Grow podcast, Des Penny focuses on the importance of staying relevant in a rapidly changing world, not just in our jobs but as human beings. Des emphasises the need for great leaders who understand the importance of constantly adapting and remaining relevant.

Be ready to question your relevance as a leader and be ready to question whether your products, services, and organisations are relevant to the current market.

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New Proteuslife Magazine Edition #2, 2023 Out Now

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Creating a Positive Culture & Having Conversations That Matter - SOLD OUT

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Creating A Positive Culture (half-day workshop)

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Resetting Your Leadership Conference

We are excited to announce a new conference that Richard Dore and Des Penny will be facilitating, called 'Resetting Your Leadership.' This conference will cover four main topics that are highly relevant to leaders today.

Richard will speak on Embracing the Impostor Syndrome and Growing Through Curiosity And Bravery, while Des will cover Building Leadership Resilience and Reinventing Yourself And Your Leadership. Each of these four topics is crucial for success in leadership roles today.

This conference provides a valuable opportunity for your whole team to attend an event that has the power to change our thinking and transform the way we operate.

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What Our Facilitators Have Been Doing This Week

Brett Hopkins, facilitates our virtual Emerging Leaders Multi-session program with the team at CMTP.


Korrine Jones runs a face-to-face Emerging Leaders with Boeing.


Lisa Cutler led an in-house workshop on 'Creating A Positive Culture' for the Yarra Ranges Shire Council. Fantastic experience working with such a great group.


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Feature Program
Resetting Your Leadership
Conference With Des Penny & Richard Dore

Brisbane: 18 July


Adelaide: 5 September


A Program For Leadership And Life

In this fast paced, ever changing role of leadership, the expectation of today’s leaders and what we have the capacity to give, can often conflict.

The real success of a leader is not the ability to keep going, but in fact the ability to know when and how to STOP and RESET our leadership life.

In order to do this, we must understand and practice the skills of:

  • Embracing The Impostor Syndrome
  • Building Leadership Resilience
  • Reinventing Yourself And Your Leadership
  • Growing Through Curiosity And Bravery

This face-to-face conference is designed to assist leaders in leading themselves and their teams to success while continuing to build relevance and resilience in their personal and professional lives. During the conference we deal with topics that are often overlooked or avoided, but are in fact the life blood of dynamic, successful leadership. If you only attend one program in 2023, make sure it is the RESETTING YOUR LEADERSHIP conference, because until we are prepared to RESET who we are, how we think and how we act, we will continue to struggle in our leadership role. This is a conference for individuals and teams wanting to be better and different.

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