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Make A Choice To Change Things!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new 2023/2024 financial year. Often significant dates like this cause you to reflect on what has been, and the past 12 months has been like no other.

Although I could focus on the bad bits, like cost of living, and the struggle for businesses and individuals to stay afloat, it would be remise of me not to celebrate the growth and achievements we have experienced during these challenging times.

When we truly reflect, we, like business, are very different than we were this time last year. I guess the question is, do we like the version of who you are now? Because if we don’t then it is up to us to change it. The time for complaining and blaming is over!

We are in control of our destiny, no-one else, and one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings is the ability to make choices, if we are prepared to make them.

So, what are your choices moving forward?

Personally, I have made some major choices for the future as previously communicated, but I also choose to be happy. I choose to be a better work colleague. I choose to be the best partner, dad and grandfather there is. I choose to support my organisation and increase my productivity not dwelling on negativity, and I choose to be kinder. All things that are worth working towards.

So, what do you choose?

One thing I do know is that unless we are prepared to communicate our choices then we will find it very difficult to bring them to fruition.

I also can’t help but stop sometimes and just appreciate life and the opportunities it brings. I hope you feel the same way.

So, let’s turn the tide this financial year and look back in twelve months really proud of what we have done and who we are – because it is in our hands.

Have an awesome week.

Des Penny
Founder/Chairman/Director of Marketing

Proteus Leadership

Happy Birthday Richard!

New CEO, Richard Dore, celebrated his birthday last week with the team in our Noosa office. Our tradition is that if it is your birthday then you choose the cake. Richard’s choice was chocolate cake. In addition to the celebration, there was a genuine feeling of excitement as we explored ways to enhance our services for clients not only in Australia but also globally.


Happy EOFY

Our awesome finance team, Jane, Leanne, Des and Brett, have been working tirelessly to prepare for End of Financial Year activities this year at the Noosa office.


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If you're looking for a podcast that will help you become a better leader and grow your business, we highly recommend Let's Go - Let's Grow with Des Penny. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out in your career, you're sure to find valuable insights and inspiration in these conversations. So, why not give them a listen today and subscribe by clicking on the links below?

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Let’s GO – Let’s GROW Podcast


Lisa Cutler - Women In Leadership Program

Lisa Cutler had the privilege of facilitating training for a fantastic group of women working in the mining sector. Wonderful experience working with such a great group of women.

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Richard Dore On The Road

Richard Dore delivered a successful "Creating A Positive Culture" keynote last week at the Country Fire Authority (Morwell). A great program with a massive group of people. Well done, Richard!

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Leadership Breakfast With Des Penny + Creating A Positive Culture

Living And Leading With Insight With Des Penny

The difference between success and frustration

There is one thing that I rate above all other leadership attributes and that is the need for leaders to lead with INSIGHT. To have the ability to see past the so-called obvious and see what is really happening. If we don’t operate with INSIGHT we will lead with constant frustration, revisiting the same things over and over again.

Des will take us on a journey of how we can introduce and practice INSIGHT in our personal and professional lives. Don’t miss this inspirational presentation.

  • What is insight?
  • Why is it so important?
  • Insight unlocks the door to removing frustration
  • Are you brave enough to lead this way?

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Creating A Positive Culture With Richard Dore
How To Lead Robust, Resilient, No-whinge, Solution-Focused Workplaces

Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and provide the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive.

  • Creating, leading and modelling great cultures
  • Staying positive and understanding the importance of recognition
  • Moving from entitlement to responsibility
  • Dealing with miserable people and ‘fighting clean’
  • Leading a robust, no-whinge and solution-focused culture
  • Helping your positive people to shine


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