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Make Decisions That Matter

“When you make good decisions for your own life then you begin to see others in a different light.” - Des Penny

Decision making is such an important component to living a good and productive life and yet it is one of the areas that so many people find hard to master. So often we react and make our decisions based on the circumstances or situation we are in and although that is necessary, it is not how we make great decisions for our lives.

Decision making is not an ‘ad hoc’ thing that we activate when we are forced into making a change, or are in a threatening situation, it is a skill that we can learn that can actually change the course of our lives.

Like everyone, there have been times when I have procrastinated and not made a decision that deep down, I knew I should have, leaving me with regret and wonder about what could have been.

Decision making is a skill that we can all learn but it will require us to be bold, to trust our gut and to understand that making some wrong decisions is OK if we learn from them. It also requires us not to focus on what others might think but to recognise that all of the years leading up to this point have provided the knowledge and the skills to make the required decision, if we are bold enough to draw on that knowledge.

Decision making is a process, the more we do it, the better we become.

The lives we have lived thus far have not been an accident. They were all about growth, providing us with all the tools and abilities we need to make great decisions for our future. We just have to start making them!

Seek advice if you need, but always remember the final decision MUST be yours.

So, whatever that decision is that you need to make now, just remember – YOU’VE GOT IT!

Make it, commit to it and even if it’s not exactly right it will be the catalyst that will head you in the right direction.

It is also amazing when we start making decisions for our own lives how we become less critical of the decisions that others make.

So, take control of the decisions that you make in your life, remembering that they are yours and only yours to make.

Have an amazing week making great decisions.

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


Richard Dore Celebrates 23 Years At Proteus

Co-CEO Richard Dore celebrates 23 years at Proteus today. His positive impact on the company over those years is so immense it is hard to measure, but we do know that Proteus would not be the same without him here. Thank you, Richard for your dedication and commitment to what we do, and we hope that you are with us for many more years to come. You are a Proteus legend!


Professional Development Day At Proteus

January is always a time when the Proteus team get together to enhance our own professional development and last week Rob Hartnett conducted the Creating A Culture of Selling program for the Proteus team. It was a great team building event, but the overall message that every person within the organisation is a part of the sales process, no matter what role they fulfill was again emphasised and acknowledged. Thank you, Rob for a great day.


Introducing Educator/Coach Jen Bierge

Jen has over 20 years’ experience in leadership learning and development, and in education, across public and private sectors. After a 12-year tenure based in Hong Kong working for an international airline developing leaders across the globe, Jen now plays the role of Lead Educator and Coach for Proteus in Queensland.

A champion and advocate of increasing self-awareness using Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Jen’s passion is to work in partnership with leaders to inspire and influence leaders to move from good to great.

Jen holds qualifications in: Human Resource Management, Education and training, Neuro linguistics and many more…

Her passion to see positive change happen in people is what drives her to be such a powerful facilitator and coach.


What People Have Been Saying
About Training With Proteus

Having Conversation That Matter Virtual Workshop

"Other courses I've attended throw up a bunch of slides and talk through diagrams, but only Proteus provides hands-on training material, frameworks, templates, and gets you to role play during the day. You can't not participate. You can't not learn something!"

- Daniel Johns - CyberCX Australia


Creating A Positive Culture Virtual Workshop

"An excellent check-in on what it means to lead with positivity, filled with practical no-nonsense ways of working for application to how we work everyday."

- Sara Fleming - WCHN


Understanding & Managing Behaviour Virtual Workshop

"Very engaging and interactive (a wonderful outcome for a webinar), loved the spread of participants, I got some great insights in the small group chats, very aligned to real life and actual scenarios."

- Joan Wilson-Jones - QBCC


Emerging Leaders Multi-session Program

"Thank you for a fantastic program to assist in equipping me with knowledge and resources beneficial for emerging leadership. I enjoyed the four sessions and think that you are brilliant speakers. In particular, I enjoyed the last session where we were introduced to templates in order to assist us in preparing a 'pitch up' or 'roll out' of ideas and strategies within the workplace."

- Bethany Williams-Holthouse - Bundaberg Regional Council


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Feature Program
Creating A Positive Culture
Virtual Workshop

Creating and leading a no-whinge, solution-focused workplace.

Next program: 23rd February


Creating Positive Cultures is about giving people the skills and permission to destroy dysfunction, kill off negative influences and the space for all your positive people to shine and thrive.

Culture is all about your behaviours, it is what to do. So great leaders and workplaces don’t allow their culture to happen by default, they design it together by agreeing to operate above the line in a positive, professional and proactive way.

This allows for a psychological safe space to innovate, stay relevant, to fight clean to develop resilience, gratitude and a growth mindset, while giving staff permission to call people out on any toxic behaviours.

This results in a self-regulating culture where people celebrate achievements while creating great relationships, products and services.

  • Creating, leading and modelling great cultures
  • Staying positive and understanding the importance of recognition
  • Moving from entitlement to responsibility
  • Dealing with miserable people and ‘fighting clean’
  • Leading a robust, no-whinge and solution-focused culture
  • Helping your positive people to shine


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