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We All Need More Insight!

Hi everyone,

Ever since I took on the responsibility and privilege of establishing and running a national Leadership company, I have been asked this question, over and over again - “what is the key to having leadership success?”

That has always been a simple answer for me. To be successful in any role, or in fact in life, we need to demonstrate high levels of insight. The problem is, that because we live in a fast-paced ever-changing world, we often have to react rather than view the situation through the eyes of insight.

My formula for insight is simple - Hindsight + foresight = Insight
Look back, look forward and then decide.

But living with insight is not simple. It requires many things of us. Firstly, we must have a high level of compassion and care. Then we must take the time to just watch and observe with no hidden agendas.

Insight also requires us to act bravely when we observe something that needs to be addressed, both good and bad.

Some years ago, I wrote a book on Insight called Life Eyes, where I explained the difference of living our life through our natural eyes, and living through eyes of Insight, where we look right through a situation to find out what is really happening. That is when we can truly address the reality not just the obvious.

So, my challenge this week is to start practicing your insight.

Stop, watch, observe and act, based on what is really happening, not what is seemingly happening.

You will be amazed at the better decisions that you make and how life actually opens up as you begin to see past the noise to what is really happening.

Give it a go and diffuse those difficult situations around you while also seeing the good in people and situations that often gets swamped by busyness and noise.

Join me at my Living With Insight Breakfast in November.

Have an awesome week of living with insight.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


What has been happening at Proteus this week?

Korrine Jones – Regional Leader QLD, successfully led the "Creating A Positive Culture" program and was honoured to have three engaging researchers from Sri Lanka join her keynote presentations at the University of Queensland.

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Grant Davis – GM Education, concluded a fantastic two-day Leading People & Culture program with Freedom.

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Lisa Cutler & Sarah Savvas, two amazing Proteus facilitators co- facilitating Leading People & Culture program virtually from our Melbourne studios.



Richard Dore delivers another successful "Creating A Positive Workplace Culture" workshop last week at the Manly Adolescent & Young Adult Hospice.

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Managing Recruitment, Performance And Growth

Empower yourself to manage and lead people better through more effective Human Resource Management knowledge and skills.

The role of today’s contemporary leader is a multi-faceted one. Not only do we need to understand our own role, but we also need to have a sound knowledge of the processes surrounding the management of our most valuable resource – our people.

Although most organisations have internal Human Resource experts, it is important that every leader understands the HR role, what it is there for, and how they need to reflect the policies and processes that support it.

Throughout this program we will follow the life-cycle of a new staff member from recruitment and induction, to training and development, performance management, through the counselling and disciplinary processes and then into the organisational succession plan.

Over 4 x half-days expert Proteus facilitators will deliver 4 virtual sessions exploring a range of topics, all focused on preparing leaders to be better people managers.

These virtual sessions combined with 8 weekly digital challenges make it one of the most relevant HR leadership programs available.

This is a practical, ‘hands on’ program that provides Human Resource Management information, skills and processes for the everyday leader.

You will not become an instant Human Resources Manager, but you will appreciate the importance of the role and the importance of your involvement in Human Resource Management processes and procedures as they apply to your workplace.

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